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What would it be like to launch a startup in the birthplace of the sneaker revolution? To discover three million books' worth of knowledge? To live at the crux of mountains, rivers, rainforests, and the ocean? What would it be like to be here? Our innovative UO360 app lets you explore for yourself. With dozens of 360-degree videos and photos from every corner of campus, you can see the University of Oregon from wherever you are. Use the app with virtual reality goggles for a fully immersive VR experience or explore on your phone with the handheld option.

Admitted students, watch your mailbox for your own pair of cardboard VR glasses. Then take your time, see the sights, and picture yourself here.

Download the UO 360 app in the iOS App Store Our app is now available on Google Play.

Welcome Aboard

Using Your Goggles

Our UO-branded VR glasses, available exclusively to admitted students, are designed to work with the UO360 app. Join the Duck in this video and learn to use your goggles to explore what the University of Oregon has to offer. Make sure to hold the sides of your goggles to keep your phone in place!

Buckle Up!

How to Assemble Your Goggles

360 Experience

UO 360 Panoramas

Eugene and the University of Oregon campus has some beautiful views. We encourage you to download the app and experience the views on a mobile device in a Google Cardboard viewer or another virtual reality headsets. The app is also able to be viewed in handheld mode. 

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